Dashboard, Web-Based, API, Integration – we provide you with the software solution that helps you most. Process data and illustrate it – conduct detailed analyses and create forecasts using our software.

All data at your fingertips

Offering a rich data environment suitable for all your requirements. Available in the format that helps you the most. Dashboard, Web-Based, API, Integration.

Reports and analytics

Historical data can be processed and illustrated in tables and diagrams – providing you with the possibility to gain a clear understanding of all important parameters and to conduct a detailed analysis.

Insights and Forecasts

Lets predict the future together! Evaluating and extrapolating from collected real-time data, powered by Big Data and AI, specific analyses and forecasts can be performed.

Building Software For Your Needs

All your data available all the time! Whether you need a web-based application, API, custom integration or an all-in-one solution, we provide you with everything you need. Our goal is to create the best possible user experience for you – and make your data highly available! Multiple users can share and work with the same data. We guarantee data security by using the latest standards and safety measures – protecting your data! At your request, a custom solution for your specific use case can be provided, enabling you to maximize efficiency!

Insights, Forecast, Validation –
powered by Artificial Intelligence & Big Data 

Our unique solution provides you with an extensive overview of all relevant passenger data. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, we get real-time and history-based insights that help you improve your operations. A software solution that steadily gets better.

SmartFloor by Incoretex enables you to understand the complete customer journey – based on capacity numbers, passenger flow and Big Data – and using Artificial Intelligence to recognize patterns. Make useful predictions about passenger behavior, allowing you to optimize traffic planning, vehicle frequency and revenue management!

It is the perfect companion for all things mobility! Route planning, vehicle utilization data, real-time analysis – SmartFloor can be custom made to your specific needs and integrated – or used as a standalone solution.

Here is how it works

Here is how it works

The sensor technology integrated in SmartFloor is able to count passengers accurately.
On the right side you can see the data that it outputs! 
Our sensor detects individual footprints to
derive the number of people walking over it
and even their direction –
providing you with real-time passenger data!