Count passengers with our SmartFloor system – Anonymously, precise and in real-time! State of the art sensor technology provides you with insightful passenger data which is analyzed and used for forecasting – powered by Big Data and AI.

Smart Sensor

Invisible, state of the art and privacy compliant sensor technology anonymously counts passengers and tracks their direction.

Data Transfer

Information collected by the sensor technology is transmitted to the cloud by secure mobile wireless communication.


The evaluation of the input is powered by Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, providing you with a clear understanding of all parameters.


Based on the evaluation, forecasts can be made, improving the efficiency of different operational procedures.

High-Precision People Flow
& Behavior Analysis

Completely Customizable

Our flexible SmartFloor concept, which builds on state of the art sensor technology, is customizable to your specific needs.

No Installation

Whether you want a fully integrated or a standalone solution: both are retrofittable and self-sufficient – no installation required.

Standalone or Integrated

Choose between the long-term solution – floor-embedded integration with power connection – or the portable, impromptu alternative, which simply can be carried everywhere.

Fully integrated or Stand-alone

The system can either be retrofitted and integrated invisible or it can be used as a portable stand-alone solution

Fully Integrated Version

Fully embedded and completely invisible

Low voltage and low data rate

Regulations and Standards for public transport

Standalone Version

Portable and ready for use

Tailored to your specific size requirements

Easily retrofittable – cost-efficient!

Broad Range of Application Areas

Broad Range of Application Areas

Use our automated passenger counting system SmartFloor to derive and analyze customer behaviour, make predictions about the future and improve the overall efficiency of your company!


Anonymously count passengers boarding and leaving the train – Invisibly hidden in the flooring despite the large coverage area of the sensor!


Can be placed anywhere and is retrofittable due to the portable design – no installation needed!


Determine waiting or changeover times using accurate traveler numbers and capacity details – measured by SmartFloor!


The standalone version can be used anywhere – Track customer journeys and analyze specific details in real-time, or generate forecasts from historical data!