Can I put my logo on the carpet?

Yes, the carpet can be customized according to your needs. The fully integrated version is not visible at all and can be installed under almost any floor covering.

Can it be used outside?

Yes! Our technology is very durable and can be used in trains, busses, stations, at events, as well as on most outdoor surfaces. The system can be easily cleaned and is resistant to water, dirt, snow, mud, and other external influences.

Does it need to be installed? Is an integration required?

No, but it is possible. There is a standalone solution which can simply be placed anywhere and will start counting. The fully integrated version can be embedded and installed under different floor coverings.

For this purpose, the floor covering only needs to be reinstalled or replaced. With a construction height of less than 0.5mm and no thick cables, this can be done easily and even during the production process.

Do you have other sensors? Can other sensors potentially be integrated into the software?

The objective of Smart Floor by Incoretex is counting people – Due to our large partner network and the high integration capability of the software solution, other sensor systems such as (3D) cameras, WiFi tracking or light barriers can also be connected.

I have quite specific requirements – what can we do in this case?

Together we will find a solution – just contact us and we will talk about your specifications. Afterwards we will present you with a concept for a solution!

So there is a fully integrated and a standalone solution?

Yes, there is a standalone solution which can simply be placed anywhere and will start counting. Additionally, a fully integrated version can be embedded and installed under different floor coverings.

How much work is involved when retrofitting?

The standalone version can simply be laid down and it starts counting – no work required.

The fully integrated version is simply placed underneath before laying (or replacing) the floor covering – with an installation height of less than 0.5mm, no modification to the vehicle is necessary here. The amount of work required is minimal and can be easily integrated into the production process.

Can real-time data be integrated into other systems as well?

Of course! Our software is highly integratable and provides you with all the necessary interfaces.

Is data privacy guaranteed?

In several ways. On one hand, our system is GDPR/DSGVO compliant, on the other hand collected data is processed directly on the device and then encrypted and processed via secure connection using the latest standards. We will determine together how the data gets to you.

Does it meet all the necessary standards?

Yes! Especially in the context of transportation, many standards have to be met. Our technology (embedded or portable version) meets all of these requirements – be it EMC, DIN EN4554, fire protection standards as well as CMS.

What about quality?

Quality made in Germany – in cooperation with partners who have been on the market for more than 100 years, we deliver the best quality, meeting all requirements – perfectly tailored to your needs. The technology was co-developed with RWTH Aachen University and is constantly being improved and adapted to your respective use case. Our hardware and software experts are gladly at your disposal.

Can I start counting by tomorrow?

With our standalone solution you can start counting immediately.

Can I test the technology in advance?

Of course – gladly! We invite you to our showroom at one of our locations in Aachen. Alternatively, we would be happy to come by.
Just contact us and we will find the best solution together.

I have another question.

If we couldn’t answer your question yet, just get in touch with us! You are welcome to contact us by phone (+ 49 1577 4511677), mail
( counting@incoretex.de), or of course via the contact form which you can find directly below.

Ask us anything – Count on us!

Feel free to ask us anything or just leave us a comment – we are looking forward to getting in touch with you!

We will select the right product for you or find an individualized solution that fulfills your needs!

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